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On-chip characterization of the viscoelasticity of complex fluids using microcantilevers

Mohamed Youssry, Etienne Lemaire, Benjamin Caillard, Annie Colin and Isabelle Dufour. Measurement Science & Technology, 23 (2012) 125326

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Droplet microfluidics to prepare magnetic polymer vesicles and to confine the heat in magnetic hyperthermia

D. Habault, A. Déry, J. Leng, S. Lecommandoux, J.-F. Le Meins, O. Sandre, Transactions on Magnetism, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (January 2013), 49 (1, 2), pg. 182-190

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Fluorescence photobleaching to evaluate flow velocity and hydrodynamic dispersion in nanoslits

Amandine Cuenca and Hugues Bodiguel, Lab On Chip 12, 1672-1679 (2012)

Towards an understanding of light activation processes in titanium oxide based inverted organic solar cells

S. Chambon, E. Destouesse, B. Pavageau, L. Hirsch, and G. Wantz, J. APP. PHYS. 112 (2012) 094503

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Turbulent flows in highly elastic wormlike micelles

J. Beaumont, N. Louvet, T. Divoux, M-A. Fardin, H. Bodiguel, S. Lerouge, S. Mannevilleb, A. Colin. Soft Matter (2012) ASAP DOI : 10.1039/c2sm26760h

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Heterogeneous reaction with solid catalyst in droplet-flow millifluidic device

K. Olivon, F. Sarrazin, Chem. Eng. J (2012) DOI:j.cej.2012.08.098

Soft matter principles of microfluidics

A. Colin, T.M. Squires, L. Bocquet. Soft Matter 8 (2012) 10527.

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Millifluidic synthesis of polymer core-shell micro-mechanical : towards resonators for acoustic metamaterials

Lukyanova,L. ; Séon,L. ; Aradian,A. ; Mondain-Monval,O. ; Leng,J ; Wunenburger,R. ; Journal of Applied polymer Science (2012)

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Millifluidic production of metallic microparticles

R. Tadmouri, M. Romano, L. Guillemot, O. Mondain-Monval, R. Wunenburger and J. Leng, Soft Matter (2012) vol 8 p 10704

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Imaging the drying of a colloidal suspension : Velocity field

Hugues Bodiguel and Jacques Leng. Chemical Engineering & Processing : Process Intensification, ASAP (2012)

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Dynamics of liquid-liquid menisci in pseudo-partial wetting

Lingguo Du, Hugues Bodiguel, Christophe Cottin and Annie Colin. Chemical Engineering & Processing : Process Intensification, ASAP (2012)

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Dynamical Flow Arrest in Confined Gravity Driven Flows of Soft Jammed Particles

Pinaki Chaudhuri, Vincent Mansard, Annie Colin, and Lyderic Bocquet. Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 036001 (2012)

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Microfluidic wet-spinning of alginate microfibers : a theoretical analysis of fiber formation

Oriane Bonhomme , Jacques Leng and Annie Colin, Soft Matter (2012), DOI : 10.1039/C2SM25552A

Sharp acoustic multipolar-resonances in highly monodisperse emulsions

Th. Brunet, S. Raffy, B. Mascaro, J. Leng, R. Wunenburger, O. Mondain-Monval, O. Poncelet, and Ch. Aristégui — APL 101 (2012) pp. 011913

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Solutal Convection in Confined Geometries : Enhancement of Colloidal Transport

Bertrand Selva, Laure Daubersies, and Jean-Baptiste Salmon. Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 198303 (2012)

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Confined drying of a complex fluid drop : phase diagram, activity, and mutual diffusion coefficient

Laure Daubersies , Jacques Leng and Jean-Baptiste Salmon. Soft Matter 8, 5923 (2012)

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Microscale rheology of a soft glassy material close to yielding

P. Jop, V. Mansard, P. Chaudhuri, L. Bocquet, and A. Colin. Phys. Rev. Lett., 108, 148301 (2012)

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Local and non local rheology of concentrated particles

V. Mansard and A. Colin. Soft Matter, 8 (2012) 4025

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The anatomy of a crease, from folding to ironing

A. Benusiglio, V. Mansard, A-L. Biance and L. Bocquet. Soft Matter, 8 (2012) 3342

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Microfluidic-assisted growth of colloidal crystals

Aurore Merlin, Jean-Baptiste Salmon and Jacques Leng. Soft Matter, 8 (2012) 3526

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Foam drainage study during plateau border mineralisation

F. Carn, A. Colin, O. Pitois and R. Backov. Soft Matter, 8 (2012) 61

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