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Microtechnologies and instrumentation

Our goal is not only to develop nano, micro, and millifluidic devices but also to integrate in situ analysis, if possible, or to make compatible the devices with analytical characterization. We describe below examples of on chip light scattering, X-Ray scattering, infrared thermography, etc.
and also some our fabrication procedures.


High throughput screening usually aims at finding the best set of an often complex parameter space related to sample preparation (e.g. formulation or synthesis) and/or process parameters which (...)

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DLS : Dynamic Light Scattering for Colloidal Size Measurements

DLS has rarely been combined with microfluidics, compared to other existing techniques such as X-ray scattering, spectroscopy... Actually, online DLS measurements are difficult to perform due to (...)

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As microfluidics needs to control precisely fluid flows in complex geometries, precise machining and processes are required. Our activity focalised on chemistry issues implies the use of chemical (...)

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Robotics, High Throughput Formulation and Phase Diagram Investigation

Robotics and High Throughput Screening (HTS) tools and combinatorial methodologies can be used to accelerate the preparation of formulations and to screen a large set of parameters (type of (...)

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SAXS : Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Experiments

Microfluidics is a well-established tool for studying chemical reactions at small time scales (? 100 ms) and with minute amounts of sample (? µL). In particular, the combination of microfluidics (...)

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Thermal Methods for Characterizing Chemical Reactions

The knowledge of chemical reactions kinetics and thermodynamics is required for chemical process development and safety. Heat transfer and chemical kinetics occur during chemical reactions. One (...)

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