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X-ray microfocussing combined with microfluidics for on-chip X-ray scattering measurements

R. Barrett, M. Faucon, J. Lopez, G. Cristobal, F. Destremaut, A. Dodge, P. Guillot, P. Laval, C. Masselon, J.-B. Salmon — Lab Chip 6 (2006) 494

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This work describes the fabrication of thin microfluidic devices in Kapton (polyimide). These
chips are well-suited to perform X-ray scattering experiments using intense microfocussed beams,
as Kapton is both relatively resistant to the high intensities generated by a synchrotron, and
almost transparent to X-rays. We show networks of microchannels obtained using laser ablation
of Kapton films, and we also present a simple way to perform fusion bonding between two
Kapton films. The possibilities offered using such devices are illustrated with X-ray scattering
experiments. These experiments demonstrate that structural measurements in the 1A ? 20nm
range can be obtained with spatial resolutions of a few microns in a microchannel.

- Publié dans Lab on a Chip