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Engineering optical properties of a graphene oxide metamaterial assembled in microfluidic channels

par Leng Jacques - publié le

The dense packing of two dimensional flakes by van der Waals
forces has enabled the creation of new metamaterials with desirable optical properties. Here we assemble graphene oxide sheets into a three
dimensional metamaterial using a microfluidic technique and confirm their
ordering via measurements of ellipsometric parameters, polarized optical
microscopy, polarized transmission spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. We show that the produced metamaterials demonstrate strong in-plane optical anisotropy (Δn≈0.3 at n≈1.5-1.8) combined with low absorption (k<0.1) and compare them with assynthesized samples of graphene oxide paper. Our results pave the way for engineered birefringent metamaterials on the basis of two dimensional atomic crystals including graphene and its derivatives.