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Highly Conductive PEDOT PSS Films and Gels for Organic Electronic Applications

Chantal Badre, R&I Center Bristol- ARTI- Complex Assemblies of Soft Matter Laboratory COMPASS- PA-USA

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Smartphones and tablets conventionally rely upon transparent electrodes derived from indium tin oxide (ITO), an expensive, rare and brittle material. New materials called conducting polymers are being investigated to replace it. In this talk, I will be presenting the development of a cost effective and sustainable formulation made of conducting polymers and green solvents (ionic liquids) leading to the highest transparency and electrical conductivity ever reported for such polymeric films. This system enables the formation of hydrogel porous material that can be utilized in battery application. Since patents and paper have been published on this technology, they have been instrumental in advancing it toward commercialization within the Solvay group. There will also be a presentation on customer feedback and the benefits of working with our network of internal and external collaborators.