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Les travaux du LOF font la couverture de Langmuir

par Colin Annie, PERRO Adeline - publié le

This image by Adeline Perro displays a homemade microfluidic device. It is constituted of fused silica capillaries associated with adjusted tubing sleeves and T-junctions. We show that these simple devices allow the formation of multiple emulsions and preparation of polymersomes. By controlling the surface tension, the viscosities of the two fluids, and the flow rates, we tune the number of encapsulated drops and thus produce nonspherical polymersomes with multiple compartments. Beyond fundamental study, our goal is to reproduce synthetically viral capsids, increasing the complexity of the nonspherical polymersomes that we can create using microfluidic systems. For more information, see  ??Mastering a Double Emulsion in a Simple Co-Flow Microfluidic to Generate Complex Polymersomes ? by Adeline Perro, Célia Nicolet, Julie Angly, Sébastien Lecommandoux, Jean-François Le Meins, and Annie Colin on pages 9034-9042.

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