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Application of microevaporators to dynamic exploration of the phase diagram

par Salmon Jean-Baptiste - publié le , mis à jour le

We present a detailed investigation of the functioning of microevaporators using numerics and analytical arguments. We first present a way to neatly control stationary gradients of solutes in a microfluidic channel. These gradients display exact exponential or Gaussian shapes depending on a Péclet number Pe that compares the mobility of the solute to the convection in the microevaporator. Then, we focus on the regimes of filling where solutes are continuously
accumulated toward the tip of the microevaporator, and we give an analytical description on how they concentrate at the tip of the channel depending on Pe ; we also evidence and stress the significant role of transient regimes in the mechanisms at work. Finally, we detail how to use these devices to explore dynamically phase diagrams of multicomponent systems.