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Tailor-Made Macroporous Vanadium Oxide Foams

F. Carn, N. Steunou, J. Livage, A. Colin, and R. Backov — Chem. Mater. (2005) 17, 644-649

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Upon a nonstatic patterning method that employs a metastable air-liquid foaming process, macroporous
vanadium oxide scaffolds have been synthesized. By controlling the foams liquid fraction, the process in
use allows one to tune the size and shape (from spherical to a more polygonal aspect) as well as the
Plateau-borders thickness of the vanadium oxide macroscopic void spaces. XRD experiments reveal the
amorphous character of the vanadium oxide matrices intercalated with surfactant entities, while the local
structure around vanadium atoms, as demonstrated with 51V NMR MAS experiments, is close to that
obtained for V2O5 xerogel.