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Millifluidic as a versatile reactor to tune size and aspect ratio of large polymerized objects

W. Engl, M. Tachibana, P. Panizza, and R. Backov — J. Multiph. flow vol 33, 897 (2007)

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The continuous production ?on demand ? of large polymerized objects is presented using a versatile, easy to implement and low cost ?millifluidic ? reactor. Over microfluidic devices, the present set-up offers two considerable advantages : (i) much larger particles are produced with a very good control of sizes and shapes and (ii) no lithography is required for its design. Considering the high modularity of this synthetic pathway, ?tubular millifluidic ? appears as a new concept of synthesizing particles with a strong control over final object sizes, monodispersity and aspect ratio. The possibility to reach a high scale production makes it a promising production tools for the industry.